Confidentiality and data security

Personal data are confidential and “Venus Hotels İşletmeciliği Tic. A.Ş. (“” obeys the rule of confidentiality. Only authorized persons shall access the personal data. All necessary technical and administrative measures are taken to protect the personal data collected by “Ramada Resort Lara Hotel ” and to prevent the damage on our customers and potential customers. Within this framework, it shall be ensured that the software complies with the standards, third parties are selected with caution and data protection policy is observed within the company.

IV. Purpose of data processing

Collection and processing of personal data by “Ramada Resort Lara Hotel ” shall be executed in line with the purposes stipulated in the letter of clarification. The data are collected and processed to draw up contracts and provide better services to the customers.

V. Data of customer, potential customer and business and solution partners

Collection and processing of data for contractual relationship

In case of a contractual relationship with our customers and potential customers, the collected personal data may be used without the approval of the customers. However, this use shall be for the purpose of the contract. The data shall be used for better execution of the contract and as required by the services and updated, if necessary, by contacting the customers. Nevertheless, the data provided to us by our potential customers shall be processed to easier and more quality services later. These data shall be deleted upon requests in case of lack of any contractual relationship.

Data of Business and Solution Partners

“Ramada Resort Lara Hotel” adopts as a principle to act in compliance with the laws when exchanging the data both with business and solution partners. The data are shared with the business and solution partners with the understanding of data confidentiality and as required by the services and it’s definitely ensured that these parties take measures regarding the data security.

Data processing for advertisement purposes

Electronic messages for advertisement purposes can only be sent to the persons with prior consent in compliance with the Law on the Regulation of E-Commerce and the Law on Commercial Communication and Commercial Electronic Messages. An explicit consent of the person is required to send advertisements. “Ramada Resort Lara Hotel” obeys the details of ‘’the consent’’ specified in the same legislation. The consent to be obtained should cover all commercial electronic messages that are sent to the electronic communication addresses of the recipients to promote and market the goods and services of the company, to promote the business or to increase the recognition level of the company with contents including greetings and wishes. This consent may be obtained via any electronic communication channel or at physical medium in written. The important thing is to obtain the declaration of the recipient that he/she accepts to receive commercial electronic messages and to have his/her full name and electronic communication address.

Data processing due to legal obligations of the company or being stipulated explicitly in the Law

Personal data may be processed without prior consent when it’s stipulated explicitly in the relevant legislation or to fulfill a legal obligation specified in the legislation. Type and scope of the data processes are required for data processing activity that is permitted by the Laws and they should comply with the relevant legal provisions.

Data processing of the company

Personal data may be processed pursuant to the legal purposes and the services of the company. However, the data shall not be used for services contrary to the laws under any circumstances.

Processing of special quality data

Pursuant to the Law, race, ethnic origin, political opinion, philosophical belief, religion, sect or other beliefs, clothes, membership of association, foundation or union, health, sexual choice, juridical sentence and data regarding safety measures and biometric and genetic data are among the special quality data. “Ramada Resort Lara Hotel” also takes adequate measures determined by the Board for the processing of special quality data.
“Ramada Resort Lara Hotel ” may process the special quality data only for the corresponding purposes to provide better services.

Data processed with automatic systems

“Ramada Resort Lara Hotel ” acts in compliance with the Law for data processed with automatic systems. The information obtained from these data without the explicit consent of the persons shall not be used against the person. However, “Ramada Resort Lara Hotel ” may take decisions regarding the persons that it will perform process by using the data within the system.

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